Coquetier: This drink is made from rum, cinnamon, and chocolate, with an egg added into the mix. It is then served directly in the egg’s shell. The drink is said to be a favorite of supermodel Bar Refaeli.

Doug Laming’s Margarita: This “cocktail” is created by using an exclusive Cointreau Caviar Spherification Kit to create “pearls” of alcohol which burst int he mouth. Balls of Cointreau are created by using calcium lactate and sodium alginate.

The Crapper: This beverage is served at Rock and Rita’s Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada. It comes in a toilet bowl-shaped glass and is a chocolate-based Pina Colada with a Snickers bar garnish. Let that sink in and the visual should tell you everything you need to know!

Wakey, Wakey,Mary, Eggs, and Bacey: This odd cocktail is meant to help with the recovery process after a night of hard partying. It is comprised of a basic Bloody Mary with Irish Stout, hot sauce, quail eggs, bacon, a grilled cheese sandwich and a garnish of pickled vegetable. It is available at the Chapel Tavern in Reno, Nevada and can be found on the bar’s “Hair of the Dog” cocktail menu.

The Mac and Cheese Shot:Cook up your favorite elbow macaroni and mix in some milk and Velveeta. Now add a generous helping of Vodka.

The Smoker’s Cough:This shot is made by mixing Jagermeister with mayonnaise.

The Prarie Chicken:This concoction is made up of Gin with a raw egg yolk and salt and pepper added.

Horse Jizz: This isn’t quite as horrifying as the name implies, but disgusting nonetheless: 50% beer and 50% milk.

Snake Bile Wine:Brace yourselves – this cocktail is made by taking a live cobra, cutting it open, taking out the gallbladder, and extracting the bile which will be very sweet. Mix with rice wine and serve.

Tapeworm Shot: In a tall glass, pour Vodka, Tabasco sauce, and a squeeze from a bottle of mayonnaise – hence, the “tapeworm”.

Infected Whitehead Shot: This is Vodka and a Bloody Mary swirled together with a spoonful of cottage cheese mixed in as well. The name and the appearance, are vile.

The Kim Jong Un Nuclear Bomb:The idea behind this drink is to combine the most American foods possible into a cocktail. The ingredients include a Big Mac, a large McDonald’s fry, one packet of McDonald’s tangy BBQ sauce, a small McDonald’s vanilla milkshake, and a McDonald’s apple pie. Place everything in a blender with Vodka and blend until smooth.


Advocaat: This unusual alcoholic is reminiscent of egg nog in texture, taste, and makeup. It is a Dutch custard-like liqueur made with egg yolks, vanilla, brandy, cinnamon and sugar. It has been produced by a company called Warnink’s since the year 1616. Advocaat is described as “an intensely eggy” drink that is sweet and full-bodied with a consistency similar to that of custard with an extra creamy texture”. The most popular cocktail made using Advocaat is called The Snowball. It consists of Advocaat and lime juice topped witth a potent lemonade.

Milk and Maple Vodkas: These two unusual and unique flavors of Vodka are distilled in Vermont, by Vermont Spirits. Vermont White is created from a mixture of pure spring water and milk sugar. Vermont Gold incorporatesmaple syrup instead of milk sugar. These spirits are describing as having “a great mouth feel, almost creamy, with a touch of sweetness and a clean, smooth finish. It is said that Vermont Gold has the aroma of maple with light floral notes, and a flavor reminiscent of caramel. It is said to have a slightly sharper flavor than the Vermont White.

Kvass (Fermented Bread Liquor): This beer is made from fermented black or rye bread and is only mildly alcoholic. It is a popular home brew in Russia. Kvass is also produced commercially in larger Russian cities and towns. Kvass’s fermention process begins by pouring boiling water over dried black or rye bread, then adding yeast, molasses or sugar and allowing the concoction to stand undisturbed in a warm, dark place for 12 hours. The brew is then strained through cheesecloth and poured into bottles. Frequently a bit of dried fruit, such as a few raisins, is added to each bottle. The bottles are then sealed and allowed to rest for an additional day or two to add more flavor.

Pruno (Prison Wine): Creative and determined jail inmates came up with this concoction in order to drown their sorrows a bit. Pruno is a crude “wine” made from sugar, fruit, ketchup, and a bit of bread to initiate the fermentation process. It can be made in a plastic bag and is also commonly known as hooch, buck, raisin jack, and simply, brew. It is said to taste like the liquid that collects at the bottom of a trash bag. But for those with determination and a cast-iron stomach, it will produce a mild buzz when ingested.

Cynar (Artichoke Wine): This is an artichoke bitter that gets it’s flavor from a combination of 13 plants and herbs of various kinds, the most prominent being the artichoke, ir Cynar Scolymous. It is generally served in Italy as an after-dinner digestive and in the U.S. and Brazil as a mixer. Cynar contains 16.5% alcohol. It has an extremely bitter taste that has been compared to copper pennies. It is often served with lemon, as are fresh artichokes.

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Chicha: Chicha is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks on earth. It is derived from maize (corn) and made in many South American countries. It has been found recorded in writings from ancient history for thousands and thousands of years, from the days of the Inca. In modern times it’s popularity has decreased greatly, untilit is now found in just a few villages in Columbia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Peru. It is made by first grinding the maize and then chewing it to moisturize it. Once the human saliva has broken down into a starch, balls of the chewed maizeare placed in clay vats and the vats filled with warm water. After fermenting for several days the Chicha is ready for consumption. Unfortunately, this beverage contains a mere 1%-3% alcohol.

Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale:Rogue Ales of Newport, Oregon, found the perfect way to combine four of the most popular flavors in the world into one amazing treat – and it’s alcoholic, to boot! They created the perfect blend of doughnut flavor withthe awesomeness of bacon flavor and just the right amount of maple flavor, then they combined them with a complimentary ale flavor for the ultimate in decadent drinks!

Tarantula Brandy: Definitely NOT a drink for the squeamish or spider haters! Brandy itself is a beverage that has undergone many incarnations down through time. It has been combined with several flavorers and ingredients to create new and unique tastes. This particular ones comes fromCambodia. It is a type of rice-derived brandy that contains the plump bodies of dead tarantulas, the larger and more plump the better. Needless to say, this drink has inspired more than one nightmare.

Agwa De Bolivia (Coca Leaf Liqueur):Even though cocaine is an illegal substance, the Coca leaf is legal for use in foods and beverages after the cocaine alkaloid has been removed. The distillery which makes Agwa De Bolivia has devised a perfectly legal way to incorporate the Coca leaf into everyday life. This 60-proof liqueur has as it’s main ingredients coca leaf, ginseng, and guarana. Combined with a total of 36 other botanicals and herbs and mixed with a neutral, grain-based spirit with a lime juice concentrate, fruit sugars, and water added, the result is this potent, electric-green beverage.

Mao Tai (Sorghum Liquor): This drink’s flavor has been likened to rubbing alcohol or lighter fluid with an aftertaste akin to rotten cabbage. It is distilled from fermented sorghum – a cereal grain that is gluten-free – to create this brain-numbing 144 proof alcohol content drink. Mao Tai holds the distinction of being the national drink of China and has been used to toast such high-profile dignitaries as Ho Chi Minh, Margaret Thatcher, and Richard Nixon. After sampling the drink in 1974, the U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger told Chinese politician Deng Xiaoping, “I think if we drink enough Mao Tai, we can solve anything.”

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Scorpion Wine

Scorpion Wine is said to be a natural medicine that successfully treats rheumatism, lumbago, and back pain as well as a host of other health issues. Interestingly, these rice-based alcoholic drinks are also considered to be powerful aphrodesiacs. Scorpion Wine itself is touted as one of the most masculine drinks known to man because it is said to increase the male libido and virility. Scorpion Wine is one of more than 100 types of “medicine wine” available in Vietnam, most of which are infused with the remains of living creatures. Oftentimes, the animals or insects are placed in the bottle of alcohol while still alive, to drown in the rice wine and ferment, supposedly making the drink that much more potent.

Three Penis Liquor:This liquor comes in a rather plain, nondescript bottle bearing the Chinese characters for “Tezhi Sanbian Jiu”, which translates to “Three Penis Liquor”. Now, some products will have clever names just to garner attention and increase sales. This is not one of them. This drink is precisely what it claims to be. It is brewed with the actual penises of various animals. This is believed to enhance male virility and potency. The label lists deer penis, seal penis, and Cantonese dog penis. These three ingredients are wildly popular in traditional Chinese medicine.

Kumis (Arkhi): This Central Asian specialty is a milk-based alcohic beverage that has been around for centuries. It is made from the fermented milk of a mare with a small amount of alcohol added. Many compare it to a watery, yogurt-type drink. In kumis’s distilled form it is called arkhi. The beverage contains the same amount of alcohol as wine.

The Sourtoe Cocktail: Nearly unbelievable is this drink, which hails from Canada’s Yukon Territory. It is the signature drink of the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Yukon. It is made of a lowball of Yukon Gold whiskey containing an authentic mummified human toe. Those partaking of this stomach-turning concoction are encouraged, as a show of bravery, to allow the toe to touch their lips as they finish off their drink without letting it enter their mouth. One patron got a little too enthusiastic in 2013 and actually swallowed the toe. This earned him a hefty $500 fine. Luckily (???) the bar as a small collection of “backup” toes donated by accident-prone patrons. There is even a website for the bar that allows people to log on and find out how to go about donating their severed toes, should they have the misfortune of losing a piggy (

Seagull Wine:This drink comes all the way from the arctic circle where the Inuit people found themselves severely limited as to ingredients they could work with to create an alcoholic cocktail to enjoy. The sparse, frozen environment leaves little variety to create with. They came up with the following recipe: take one dead seagull, stuff it inside a bottle, fill it with water, and leave it to ferment in the sun. The only thing that can be said for this concoction is that it definitely will get you drunk! Don’t look for it on the shelves at your local liquor store anytime soon, though.

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Snake Wine

Snake Wine: This alcoholic beverage features a venomous snake in each bottle. It is found in Southeast Asia and originates in Vietnam. The venomous snakes are preferred for use not for the preservation of their meat but rather so that the snake’s potent poison will dissolve in the liquor. The snake venom is denatured by the ethanol contained in the spirits. It’s proteins are inactivated as they are unfolded. Along with the snake several other creatures such as turtles, insects, smaller snakes, or birds are also placed in the containers with the alcohol, where they are left to steep for several months. The wine is ingested in small shots as a restorative. Due to the fact that snakes are widely considered to possess strong medicinal benefits, the wine is generally advertised as a powerful cure-all for everything from hair loss to farsightedness to decreased sexual performance. Of course, a great number of these claimsare greatly exaggerated or fabricated outright in order to attract customers.

White Gold & Platinum Tequila: On July 20, 2006, a private collector in Mexico City, Mexico, paid $225,000 for a single white gold and platinum tequila bottle from .925 Tequila Lay. The liquor inside was made from 100% blue Agave liquid, and it had been aged for over six years. The Guiness Book of World Records title for selling the most expensive bottle of liquor in the world was awarded to Tequila Lay. The company also sells a gold and platinum version of the bottle for $150,000 and a silver and gold version for $25,000.

Squirrel Beer: From the same company that won the award for “the strongest beer in the world”, BrewDog, for it’s beverage calledSink The Bismarck,comes “Squirrel Beer”. This latest masaterpiece is 55% alcohol by volume and costs $756. The official name of this product isThe End of History.Each bottle comes nestled inside a stuffed animal – and NOT the kind you win at the Fair. These are actual taxidermied animals that were once very much alive. Some of the animals featured include a type of weasel known as Seven Dead Stoats, squirrels and rabbits. One member of the two-man team behind BrewDog, James Watt, says, “The impact ofThe End of History is a perfect conceptual marriage between taxidermy, art, and craft brewing.” As for the beer itself, it is a blonde Belgian ale with notes of juniper berries and nettles. The mind-numbing alcohol content is created via top-secret extreme freezing techniques.

Pizza Beer: Everyone loves pizza. Many pizza lovers also love beer. Athena and Tom Seefurth fall into both of these categories. So, in 2006, they decided to create a brew that would pair with and compliment their favorite food. Voila! Pizza Beer! They have since taken their venture to a commercial level. They hand-chop hundreds and hundreds of pounds of tomatoes, oregano, garlic, wheat crust, and basil to make their unique brew. The beer goes down smoothly though; it is completely debris-free as the ingredients are filtered out after the beer steeps for a bit – just long enough for it to become the perfect bottle of pizza!

Baby Mouse Wine:Baby Mouse Wine is, believe it or not, an ancient Chinese health drink. It is brewed in a most disturbing manner: living baby mice, no more than three days old, are drowned in rice moonshine, then allowed to ferment in the bottle of alcohol for close to a year. The Chinese believe that the mouse wine will cure nearly any illness known to mankind.

Scorpion Wine:Another staple spirit from the Vietnamese culture is Scorpion Wine. This beverage is actually available online and can be shipped worldwide. The scorpions are venomous, of course, but the poison of the venom is “deactivated” by the potency of the drink’s alcohol content. The months of fermenting take away any poison the scorpion’s body may contain.

Diverse Drinks

Just like foods, alcoholic drinks and spirits from all over the world are diverse and interesting, pleasing to some palates, not so much to others. From the most remote corners of the world to the most hidden villages, to the pub down the street, one never knows where one will encounter the most amazing drink to ever pass the lips. Here are some of the most interesting, most unique, and most potent liquors from around the world, with some of the most unusual ingredients that the imagination can dream of:

Yogurito: This liquor is made in Holland and bottled in France. It’s target market, however, is exclusively Japan. It is billed as a yogurt-based, tangy drink that can be enjoyed straight or mixed with pineapple or orange juice. This sweet, usually fruit-flavored is very popular among health-conscious individuals. What folks need to be aware of thoughis this statement from a Suntory representative (the company that makes Yogurito): “Yogurito is made from yogurt and tastes like yogurt, but it is not yogurt. We cannot say that it’s healthy.”

Chocolate Donut Stout: This is a chocolate-flavored beer. Now, flavored beers are common, and chocolate flavored beers are very common, but this particular one has something that is a little bit different. Sapporo, a Japanese brewery, uses genuine Rooyce chocolates in it’s beer. But the Shenandoah Brewing Company, which brews this Stout, uses actual chocolate and chocolate malts, with essence of donut incorporated by a top-secret method to create what is essentially a double chocolate Stout.

Three-Lizard Liquor: This liquor is made in villages in Vietnam and China where apparently an alcoholic drink made with lizards, namely geckos, in the bottle is extremely popular. Each bottle of the beverage contains 3 of the lizards. In this part of the world lizards, and especially geckos, are believed to possess a powerful energy known in Chinese as “Qi”. The belief is that, the more geckos contained in the bottle of alcohol, the more powerful it is, the more energy you absorb, and the more inebriated you will become. There is also a popular belief among the Asian locals that the Three Lizard Liquor protects the drinker from being harmed by evil spirits.

Pulque: Also known as Octli, this is an alcoholic drink made from the fermented sap derived from the Mexican Maguey plant. It is viscous and milk-colored, and it is one of the traditional native beverages of Mexico. It’s history dates back to the Mesoamerican period. During that time period Pulque was considered to be sacred. Only certain classes of people were permitted to drink it. Following Spain’s conquering of Mexico, Pulque became more secularly available, and it became much more popular.

Bacon Vodka: Seattle’s Black Rock Spirits distillery has created the ultimate alcoholic beverage: bacon-flavored Vodka! Called appropriately enough, “Bakon”, it is the only Vodka that perfectly captures the full meaty, salt-and-peppery taste of freshly cooked bacon while at the same time maintaining a clean, crisp edge. Bacon Vodka is perfect for making a decadent, prick-your-ears-up Bloody Mary, and it also begs to be experimented with to find many new, creative drink ideas.


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